Sunday, May 09, 2004

Another beautiful day yesterday. I ran six miles along the lakefront, took three loads of recyclables to the dumpster, scrubbed the shower and stayed in the house for an hour to watch the dishwasher run (last week's Drano adventure has made a noticeable difference in my slow kitchen drain, but I didn't want the dishwasher to back up through the sink and make a mess). See what a glamorous life I lead?

Dan came over last night for a long-overdue viewing of the finale of The Apprentice. We were going to have a leather bar night and wear all the leather we own but never use, but we just found out the Cell Block closed. And the Eagle is gross, so we didn't really want to go there. So we compromised: Sidetrack in black T-shirts and leather wristbands and then the Eagle in our vests. Sidetrack was waaaaaay more fun. Among the tons of hot, friendly guys there was Steve, the erstaz dream date from Tuesday night. Once again, he was all friendly and flirty and genuinely glad to see me when we talked -- but I watched him for a while and he's the same way with everyone he talks to. Kudos to him for being such a damn nice guy all the time. Frustrations to me for misinterpreting it all.

The Eagle was just as gross as I remembered, and Dan and I were easily the hottest guys there (which is not saying much of anything, I assure you). But then this sexy little go-go boy walked by and grabbed me before he did his thing in this caged-in stage area. And he kept smiling down at me the whole time he danced. And by the time he left to go wherever go-go boys are obligated to hide after their little featurettes, I had his phone number in my pocket. (I always feel so pretty when hot go-go boys like me even after they realize I'm not gonna stuff any dollars in their pants. But it's always such a hollow victory when you try to talk to them.)

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