Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Another gorgeous evening in Chicago.

Another chance to run along the lakefront and enjoy the last fading blooms and faint perfumes of the lilac trees. (Wow. That was almost poetic.)

And another six miles. Oy. I could NOT keep my pace up tonight. And I think it was because I ate a lot of crap at work today (new employees and big-wig client meetings = lots of tempting doughnuts floating around the office) and because I didn't eat enough of anything before I took off running.

I'm also becoming very bored (and very frustrated) with my inner dialogue. No matter what I try to stick in my head as I run -- be it a song or the conversation I imagine I'll have someday when I find myself sitting next to Oprah or Ted Allen on the 147 bus -- my mind invariably wanders and I find myself running inexplicably to an endless loop of the bridge from Billy Joel's "Pressure":

All [run] grown [run] up [run] and [run]
no place to go
[run] [run] [run] [run]
Psych [run] 1 [run] Psych [run] 2 [run]
What do you know?
[run] [run] [run] [run]
All [run] your [run] life [run] is [run]
channel 13
[run] [run] [run] [run]
Sesame Street
[run] [run] [run] [run]
What does it mean?
[run] [run] [run] [run]

You can see how frustrating it can get.

And I'm not bashing Billy Joel or even "Pressure." It's just that I've been running -- unintentionally, I repeat -- with that song in my head for 10 years now. Maybe if I train myself to run faster than my well-entrenched 9-minute-mile pace I can upgrade to something faster. Like "Uptown Girl."

(Note to self: The Polo Ralph Lauren tighty-whities are too old and waaaaaaay too small after repeated shrinkings in the dryer to be worn running.)


Anonymous said...

Honey, I KNOW you have an iPod (albeit filled with showtunes) and there has GOT to be something on it with a quicker tempo than the "Pressure" bouncing around in your head.

Now, I'm not talkin' Miss Janet (I know you think she's nasty...and you're wrong by the way) but something that'll really get you moving. Wig in a Box? Something from Rent? Abba?

Wait, do you have the Movin' Out soundtrack on your iPod? THAT'S why you can't get Billy Joel out of your head!

Anyway, just remember no matter what anyone tells you, you're still hot...even at 36. Grrrrrr...

Anonymous said...

I routinely get Don Henly songs stuck in my head when I walk. Recently, it's been "All She Wants to Do Is Dance". Much better than the "Boys of Summer" fiasco that went on for months. That song is just plain depressing.

I just discovered your blog and enjoy it immensely. I am setting up a link to it. And thanks for the positive support. Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave a name. It's Dana from ennui.motime.com.