Thursday, May 20, 2004

Dinner Alfresco

I ran into Paul last weekend after losing touch for at least a year, and we decided to get together tonight after work. I met him up by his place and we had a great dinner (peppercorn steak salad ... mmm) on the sidewalk in the tony Oak Street shopping district.

That's one thing I love about living here: When the weather's nice we Chicagoans just POUR out onto the sidewalks to enjoy dinner right up next to the cars and the pedestrians and the trees that drop things in our drinks.

On the way home, I stopped at Express Men to get another pair of the low-cut, ass-hugging, crotch-accentuating jeans I bought last week on my shopping adventure with the other Paul. Now I have three pair of jeans that are exactly what I want, and I hereby disown all the jeans that I don't really like and I never wear but I bought them because they were on sale. (Best of all, now they won't all fall on me every time I open my closet. So three pair of $60 jeans is really more of a safety investment than a fashion obsession.)

I stopped at Dan's on the way home to love up his cat and take in his mail while he's off becoming a new uncle. And now I'm safe at home in my 24th-story perch watching an amazing storm rage outside. Very cool.

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