Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I'm not a stalker. Honest!

I'd never even heard of Nate Berkus until last Tuesday when the Chicago magazine photographer told me she wanted to fix us up. Since then I've learned that he's Oprah's favorite designer, that my sister would give anything to be his sister-in-law and that my friend Anders is friends with a woman who works with him.

And then tonight came. The night I peed in his old toilet.

But let me back up a bit here: I've always loved Matthew's fabulous Gold Coast condo. I knew his ex-boyfriend is an interior designer who gutted the place and redid it when they bought it from some other designer. And tonight, when I was sitting on Matthew's couch talking about all these sudden Nate Berkus connections in my life, I learned that Nate Berkus is the designer he bought the place from.

Matthew also reports that Nate is very cool, and he thinks we'd make a nice pair. And now I'm officially intrigued.

And terrified. What if he finds out I still have a card table in my dining room? ACK!

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Anonymous said...

If you want to stalk him, go to and click on Wonka Ball 2004.