Thursday, November 09, 2017

My sister literally asked me to take a selfie with my niece outside the auditorium after Newsies tonight

Out of the blue. With no warning. I wasn’t even aware that my phone had selfie capabilities so I obviously wasn’t familiar with the technology, but fortunately there were some “tech-savvy” (as the students say) students (as they call themselves) nearby who patiently taught me how to use the selfie functionality on my phone correctly, safely and responsibly. So here is my first-ever attempt, which I wouldn’t even have if it weren’t for the supportive wisdom of my sister:
But anyway. Newsies. Wow. Disney selected my high school’s theater department as one of five in the country for their first school licensing of the show, no doubt because of the groundbreaking work I did there when I had the lead in Oedipus Rex when I was a senior and we all know that emotionally and morally labyrinthine Greek tragedy + unworldly high-school actors = transcendent theater magic and I hate to brag but it’s staggeringly obvious that you can draw a straight line from the sticky stage blood matting my eyes shut on that stage in 1985 directly to tonight’s epic “Seize the Day” sung on that same stage by kids whose parents weren’t even old enough to drive in 1985. So you’re welcome, Disney.

But the torch has been passed. The kids in Newsies tonight grew up with my niece and nephew or are the children of my friends. Some I’ve known forever. Some I just recognize by sight after having watched them sing alongside my niece and nephew over years of school concerts and shows. And I feel so parental and proud of all of them ... and thrilled that they have this opportunity — this AMAZING opportunity — to be a part of this amazing show ... and so proud that my high school was selected for the national honor of field-testing this delightful, brilliant, challenging material. And I can safely say the kids and the staff and the teams of parent helpers and the entire department rose mightily to meet the challenge and blow away the expectations. They’re all the kings of CR.

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