Thursday, June 01, 2017

The big story

In his defense, Twitter gives him only 140 characters, which when you subtract "fefe" is only 136 characters, so he didn't have room to clarify "the big story compared to what" here. The "compared to what" he meant to include is "compared to the tooth fairy amortization schedule relative to Easter bunny gift basket inflation."

The big story NOW, which people who follow current events and abject political failure know, is the rampant corruption, treason, nepotism, voodoo economics 2.0, geopolitical illiteracy and hourly scandal -- along with the clumsy attempts at distraction in a laughable failure to hide it all -- in the swamp of the man-boy administration. Man-boy has suddenly dug up his months-dormant lies about long-ago manufactured Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama scandals because his swamp-people base loves to vilify -- though they don't know that actual word, of course -- their old-favorite political straw men and vague, oversimplified ideas in place of the current political failures and corruptions involving real people and complex or at least nuanced realities.

Plus "the big story" is language used by newspaper editors in 1940s B movies and sensationalists in the alternative-news industry. It perks up the swamp people's muddy ears and alerts them that they're being told what to think again.

We asked for more political transparency in the election, and WE should have done more clarifying because the transparency we're getting is clumsy, desperate, fourth-grade attempts at distraction that the sentient electorate can easily see through.

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