Monday, May 01, 2017

You know what? No. I'm not done with this.

I have a public education. I went to a state university that was paid for in significant part through academic scholarships and my working three jobs simultaneously while I was in school. I graduated in four years with a BA in English and what I quietly count as a minor in Spanish though I was technically a few credits short.

And our current president -- our puerile, inarticulate man-boy catastrophic failure of a president WHO IS FAILINGLY THE MOST POLITICALLY POWERFUL PERSON IN THE WORLD -- has yet to convince me that he's even remotely smarter or more educated than I am.

I know when the American Civil War happened. I know who was president, I know what it was over, I know what the South claims it was over, I know why it was unavoidable and inevitable, I understand the complex social and economic and political fallout from the first terrible salvo to the marginally just, barely effective period of Reconstruction after the war's end. I know the prevailing cultures of America and Europe at the time and the influence they played throughout the war.

I know who Frederick Douglass was. I know that Susan B. Anthony and Andrew Jackson walked this earth simultaneously but occupied vastly divergent eras and ideologies. I understand the vital and time-tested function of the system of checks and balances that helps regulate the three branches of the American system of government. I believe in the power and importance of the Fourth Estate. I know the steadfast powers established in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I am not bragging here. I knew the vast majority of this information before I went to college. It is basic, essential information provided free to sadly just most of American students, though man-boy grew up with the privilege and access to be exposed to all of it. It may seem on its surface to be old, trivial names and dates, but is the foundational knowledge we as Americans need in order to construct an informed, meaningful, nuanced understanding of the whys and wheres and hows of our country's past and how they cumulatively continue to shape our present and drive our future.

And our president continues to reach new lows every week -- sometimes every day -- with gushing cascades of the now numbing revelations that he knows little to nothing about them. What's almost worse, he routinely and pathetically bluffs his way through any discussion he's caught in that requires this rudimentary knowledge instead of trying to educate himself.

Our president doesn't know the history or political structure of our country. Despite his endless bellowing to the contrary, our president doesn't know how to make his celebrated deals to deliver on his ridiculous lies and implausible promises. As far as I've seen, our president doesn't even qualify to fit the cliché that he knows enough to be dangerous. He actually knows so little -- and has no interest in changing that -- that he IS dangerous.

By all accounts coming increasingly out of both political camps, our president is narcissistic over being informed, lazy over being educated, delusional over being intellectual, and just plain stupid overall.

I don't want to feel smarter than my president. I don't want to feel furious and scared when it appears that I am. I don't want what we've become in the last 100 days, and I especially don't want where it appears we're going.

I don't want him as our president. And I don't want anyone the world over to see him as our president. He's catastrophically too incompetent.

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