Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We never liked you, Dubya Bush

We never liked your monkey face,
Your Jeebus-lovin’ master race,
Your evil axis, your pet Dick,
Your obviously elfin prick,

Your fake Iraqi weapons trove,
Your puppetmaster Karl Rove,
The way you swing at words and miss,
Your inarticulatedness,

Your utter lack of common sense,
Your federal funds for abstinence,
Your intellectual bourgeoisie,
Your selfish foreign policy,

Your Halliburton gravy boat,
Your nine-eleven “The Pet Goat,”
The fact that you’re a fucking dunce,
That pretzel chips could fool you once,

The Constitution you destroyed,
Your deficit, your unemployed,
Your screw-the-poor economy,
Your hurricane goatfuckery,

Your loathing of the Fourth Estate,
Your love for Proposition Hate,
Your house of cards, your brain of cheese,
Your Nazi SCOTUS appointees,

Your solipsistic “stay the course,”
Your outright lack of true remorse
For leaving the United States
A country that the world now hates.

We never liked you, Dubya Bush.
And so we kick you in the tush
And get you gone and throw a rope
To Obama, our newfound hope.

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