Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thank-you notes we received this week

Dear J and J,

Thank you for the plasma car and the Apples to Apples game.

Uncommonly Photogenic Niece, age 7

P.S. I loved having you here.

Editor's note: Apples to Apples is a kids' card game that at first blush is kind of lame. But if you're a goofy uncle, you can play your cards in goofy ways that make nieces and nephews like mine belly-laugh like you wouldn't believe. Best. Sound. In. The. World.

Dear J and J,

Thank you for both games. I really love the Nerf game because it's a game where you can kill robots.

Uncommonly Photogenic Nephew, age 9

P.S. Apples to Apples is really fun.

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