Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hello, darkness, my old friend

I, Jake the Blogger, have silenced a leaky toilet with my bare hands. BEHOLD MY AMAZING POWERS.

The damn toilet had gotten so loud with all its hissing and leaking and gurgling that we had to start closing our bathroom door at night just to get to sleep. That was ... um ... three months ago. I tried to fix it on New Year's Day using the time-honored plumber technique of wiggling the little flapper in the tank with my fingers. But all it did was get my hands covered with questionable water. As a bonus, it also made the tank leak even more noticeably into the bowl.

So today I bought a toilet repair kit and replaced both the water-intake tower and the flappy thing. And the noisy toilet was silenced. On the first try. BEHOLD MY AMA ... well, you know what to do.

Also! While I was in full-on manly-man mode, I installed a gasket around our front door (to block drafts and noise), squirted some expanding foam behind some drafty drywall, replaced a battery and a lightbulb (halogen bulbs are the devil's oven mitts), figured out why the knickknack light in our kitchen stopped working (turns out it was unplugged) and sang some show tunes. Um ... I mean and killed a man with my bare hands. Because I'm a manly man!

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