Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sparkle fingers!

We’re smack-dab in the middle of a 10-day run of Jake-iversaries, and the gifts are gonna get expensive for you-all before we emerge on the other end. Here’s the rundown:

July 12, 2007: I proposed to the boyfriend
July 16, 2000: I moved to Chicago
July 19, 2003: I started this blog thing
July 22, 2006: I met the boyfriend

And don’t you think it’s high time you met the boyfriend as well? I’ve been keeping him a vague, shapeless little ghost on here for a number of reasons this last year: privacy, manufactured drama, his own reticence about being splashed all over the Internets, keeping his handsome mug all to myself, the fact that he may or may not really be a ghost …

But if I’m ever going to post wedding pictures, I have to slowly acclimate him to the high intensity of my 24/7-paparazzi blogger life … and I have to slowly acclimate you to his white-hot blinding awesomeness.

So we’ll start off slowly, with a candid snapshot taken the day we met:

As you can see, I was obviously first taken by his beauty. His inner beauty, naturally, but his beauty nonetheless. He was still in his blue-eyeshadow-and-cotton-crotch phase, but I knew from my own embarrassing youthful swim in those waters that he’d move on quickly. A lifelong wearer of dark neutrals, I wasn’t terribly keen on his taste for sparkle and glitz. But I have to say he wears it with confidence, and that’s all we can really ask of a person, isn’t it? And just as the discovery of weight shift propelled the flat, awkward Medieval painting traditions into the excitingly dimensional world of Renaissance art, his personal use of angles and space on the day we met brought him alive in ways I still admire to this day.

Stay tuned for more color pictures and amusing little tales as we slowly Meet The Boyfriend. Next up: the awkward years!

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