Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dear Newsweek,

RE: Your July 23, 2007, “Split Decisions” Periscope article on page 10

The Institute for Marriage and Public Policy recently concluded that the destruction of marriage is caused by no-fault divorce. Who saw that coming? Imagine the embarrassment the framers of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act must feel now that they know the real threat to marriage has been coming from straight people all along. As gay men, we expect their prompt, profuse apologies for throwing the blame at us all these years … along with revised legislation allowing us to get married ourselves.*

Jake and Justin

*I know: This blog has gone all Tom-Cruise-on-the-couch lately on the Jake’s-in-love and people-opposed-to-gay-marriage-are-retarded threads. But the IMPP article appeared this week just begging for a snarky response. The findings of the study technically were limited to the fact that no-fault divorce was directly responsible for 10% of divorces overall, though, so my analysis-response model contains a few self-servingly convenient jumps in logic. Then again, logic hasn’t historically played a prominent role in any argument against gay marriage, so I’m just keeping the playing field level.

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