Thursday, July 07, 2005

A bloody good time

So if you missed last month’s fabulous chorus show, you won’t have to wait until our next concert (in December!) to see my big gay ass on stage. Because this Saturday, for one night only (come on, big baby, come on!), I’ll be appearing with fellow blogger Andymatic in this fabulous musical restaging of the prommiest movie ever written:
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Andy and I are headlining starring passing out programs doing a custom-written celebrity* walk-on as gay prom chaperones. Gay prom chaperones who MAKE OUT.

* Our definition of “celebrity” here is less about the fact that we write mildly popular blogs and more about the fact that Scarrie–The Musical director David Cerda is skillfully flattering us into using our blogs for free publicity. I know what you’re up to, David—and I can always be bought with a tube of greasepaint, a follow spot and the opportunity to mash onstage with another married blogger. Always.

And to prove it, I offer the following shameless plug:

Break out your ruffled dickeys (HA! RUFFLED DICKEYS!), power ’fros and rayon halter dresses and join us this Saturday for the most promtastic, splatterific, man-on-mantastic piece of theater in the known universe. Because if you don’t come, we’re all gonna laugh at you.

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