Friday, February 25, 2005

Where are you watching the Oscars?

How about with a bar full of homos? The Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus is hosting our annual Oscar-watching party/fund-raiser this Sunday at Sidetrack (3349 N. Halsted), and YOU need to be there. Otherwise you’ll miss all this:

5:00 Forty bucks gets you VIP access to two hours of food, an open bar, raffles, live entertainment (including yours truly singing in a sparkly shirt) and squatters’ rights to the best seats for watching the telecast.

7:00 Doors open to the “general public,” which is a nice way of saying “people who don’t get the good seats for the Oscars or the chance to hear Jake sing in a sparkly shirt.”

7:30 The Oscars start. So do the bitchy comments about the starlets’ dresses and Joan Rivers’ face. And since the best bitchy comments come from the homos, you’ll have a substandard Oscar experience if you don’t watch with us.

You can order your VIP tickets in advance by clicking here, or you can just pay at the door on Sunday.

Remember: You can watch the Oscars with your friends … or you can watch the Oscars with your fabulous friends. See you there!

More links for your clicking pleasure:

1) The pictures are finally up from my cupid adventure. I didn’t see him there that night, but buried in all those pictures are a few shots of a guy I had a dismally boring date with this summer. Man, I have never had to work so hard to make conversation in my entire life. He seemed to be a nice enough guy, but the dude was so quiet and socially mousy that I was exhausted when we were finally done “talking.” It’s a damn shame a man so boring can be so friggin’ hot.

2) Time magazine didn’t print my letter. I’m not really surprised, though; it was a bit off-topic—and the letters Time did run focused more on broadly loving or loathing Evangelicals than on addressing specific issues. And since the letters were overwhelmingly in the loathing category, I’m not gonna lodge any formal complaints.

3) Remember: Oscars with the homos.


TheBrad said...


I'll be so close this weekend, but so far away.

Shiny shirt, you say?

*contemplates insane road trip*

Derek said...

Bah, for some reason I can never convince anyone to head to the clubs before 10pm on Saturday. ;-)

RcktMan Rick said...

You're singing? Nobody asked me... Jesus... snubbed in the auditions, snubbed at the Oscars. I am the new Bob Hope.

See you there, sparkly shirt and all.

SparklesMpls said...

Jake, you look great in the cupid outfit - but were you a dark angel (with black wings and all...)?

iPhil said...

It all looks great - but who on Earth (in Heaven?) is this?



Bob said...

Sounds almost as much fun as watching them here in London, live ... at 1am in the morning.