Sunday, October 03, 2004

Weekend adventures

Goodbye party for Chris and Curtis, two of my favorite boys from the chorus. They're moving way out west, and I'll miss their talents, their relentlessly bubbly personalities, their summer get-togethers around their beautifully landscaped koi pond and their willingness to dress in butt-ugly drag at the drop of a hat. I was going to head to Sidetrack after their party, but I've lately started fading around 1 in the morning. So I headed straight home to bed. When did I become so damn geriatric?

Welcome party for new chorus members. I swear, the chorus is one of the coolest groups of people I know, and I'm always so excited to welcome new guys into our family and share the joy and camaraderie we're all so lucky to have. I know that saccharine sentiment puts some of you dangerously close to the brink of diabetic comas, but you'll just have to take your insulin and deal with it. The chorus makes me happy, and when Jake's happy, the world just has to watch its sugar intake.

Graceland Cemetery Tour with Bob and Dave. The Chicago Architecture Foundation offers fascinating, information-filled tours of everything from neighborhoods to buildings to districts to cemeteries, and you always leave these tours just thrilled to be living in such a historically rich city. The cemetery tour covers the architectural styles of the monuments, the historical and social contributions of the folks buried there, and some of the scandalous little tidbits of their lives. I highly recommend it. Especially on a day as beautiful as today was.

Chorus rehearsal. (You know the drill: Chorus love. Chorus music. Chorus fellowship. Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!) Afterward, Matt and I celebrated his recent victory over the bar exam at IHOP and then headed to Sidetrack to flirt with boys. I even got a very friendly kiss on the lips from my favorite musclemonkey bouncer/bartender as I was leaving. Woof.

I'm winging off to (what's left of) Tampa early in the morning for two days of focus groups. Whee.

Be good while I'm gone.

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Joe said...

Check out 1808 in Tampa, if it's still there. There won't be any show tunes, but it's a welcoming place to a new face. Heh.