Sunday, October 10, 2004


Mile 16. Three miles into the bad pain.
The really bad pain didn't set in until mile 21.

Rule #1: Instruct the spectators how to cheer for you, and they won't let you down.

Rule #2: Promote yourself shamelessly and the other runners will encourage you in your hour(s) of need.

Post-race massage. I barely felt it through the pain.

One tired dog.

(sweat + evaporation) x 4 hours = salt
How cool is that? I made salt!


vanguard said...

I'm sorry. You just completed your first marathon, an impressive feat indeed, and your final word is "I made salt"?...anyway, congratulations :)

tim said...

Congrats on the first marathon. I have always admired anyone who can run 26.2 miles. And you're still smiling in the pics! The only way I can do a marathon is in a car with a full tank and snacks in the back. I may get hungry by mile 2. :)

serenaluchang said...

You making salt = bad ass.

obliquity said...

Go. Jake. Go. Indeed. Congratulations on your accomplishment! The smile in that photo says it all. :-)

palochi said...

Salty dawg.

That or maybe you rubbed up against a deer salt lick somewhere in the deeply wooded areas of Pilsen. Or not.

Congrats on the run. Very cool, indeed.

Megan said...

The new spokesman for Morton Salt, everybody!

:: claps ::

Seriously, I'm so proud of you. I thought of ya a lot that day! :)

R said...

And here I had just assumed that the salt was the result of a spill in the lake during the Utah leg of the run.

Sue A said...

Yeah Jake! That is a huge accomplishment! I am not surpristed by the added bonus of salt making, I always knew you were a fanatic multi-tasker.


Erick said...

Great Job Jake!
I was working at the finish line although I didn't see you. It was an amazing day, congrats on running your FIRST marathon! I'm sure that this one is just the beginning!
Again---great job!

Peter said...

You survived!! Congratulations!
Although now you have completely ruined salt for me. From now on, every time I look at a box of salt, I will be haunted by visions of guys sweating away on treadmills somewhere in a subterranean dungeon owned by Mortons...


portuguesa nova said...

Congratulations--love the blog, by the way!

shower said...

babe, if given the chance, i would've licked that salt off ;)

the shower room