Saturday, October 16, 2004

Post-marathon excitement

So since I posted all my marathon pix and stories, I've been waiting for something Just As Epic to happen to me so I could write about it.

Unfortunately, the marathon has pretty much been my life since I started training for it in April. And now that it's over, apparently so is my life.

To wit:
• I had a business trip this week. To Minnesota. Whee. (We were, however, presenting concepts for the upcoming Harley-Davidson Visa Sweet Ride Sweepstakes, so the creative that we were working on was definitely cool.)

• I ran out of my favorite peanut butter AND my favorite salad dressing. So I had to go to the store.

• I watched The Apprentice. They fired my favorite hunk of meat.

• I programmed my TiVo to record a six-hour PBS series about Broadway. Because, apparently, I'm gay.

• You get the picture.

But everything changed today, when I found myself with ACTUAL SOCIAL PLANS: I met Bob downtown at noon to have lunch and then to see The Forgotten, which I loved! Not only is the plot engaging and suitably thrilling, but it never gets bogged down by those annoying that-would-never-happen moments that drive me NUTS in most other movies. (Yes, the movie involves some weird supernatural/alien/government-cover-up storyline -- which requires a certain willingness to suspend disbelief -- but it never leaves you hanging with day-to-day unbelievabilities. And just when you think it does -- like the scene where two characters go to an office building in an airplane hanger and find every door mysteriously unlocked -- it explains away this seeming implausability with a very logical plot development. I totally dig when that happens.) It also stars the always-cool Julianne Moore, who is on my very short list of females I would fuck if I absolutely had to. (Hey, when I feel a compliment coming on, I share it. Even when it's this saccharine-sweet and potentially blush-inducing. And Julianne is very deserving of such effusive praise.) Best of all, the movie gives not one but THREE examples of smokin' hot men in (or at least approaching) their 40s:

Dominic West, best known (to me) as the doomed (but hunky) Fred Casely in Chicago

Linus Roache, best known (to me) as the scandalously gay Priest

Gary Sinise, best known (to me) as, well, Gary Sinise

But that's not all of today's excitement, my friends. Noooooo! After the movie, we went bag shopping! And after years of schlepping through business trips with my embarrassingly rural green-and-blue Lands' End carry-on, I'm now the proud owner of a stylish (though admirably understated) black leather shoulder bag with tons of compartments, ingenious zippered expandability, and a sleek aesthetic that says I'm Someone And I'm Going Somewhere.

And the first place I'm going with it is Tucson. This Thursday.

And heads will turn.


Archerr said...

I agree....Gary Sinise is hot...I've thought so since he was in Forest Gump.

hidden said...

I am so glad the Andy from has chosen to not walk down the bottom road to nellyism. Hell, we need more hot tops in the world. are smokin hot. Please tell me your a top :)

Erick said...

If you like Dominc West, you should watch The Wire on HBO. Lots of butt shots.
Also, Linus Roche in Wings Of A Dove----beautiful. Beautiful acting, beautiful face---beautiful everything.

Andy said...

I cannot believe that you eat Jif faux peanut butter. I thought for sure you would eat 100% peanut type stuff. Like the Smuckers Chunky. It's so natural you have to drain off the peanut oil that forms on top. Yum. Yum.

R said...

Ooh, where did you go in Minnesota!?!?

Jake said...

St. Paul. To a client's headquarters in a former military bunker. With all the aesthetic beauty you'd expect.

David said...

I'm glad you liked 'The Forgotten'. So did I. I think we are in the minority here. That 'thing' that happens to poor Alfre Woodard directly borrows from nightmares I used to have so when it happened it scared the shit out of me.

palochi said...

A six-hour PBS special about Broadway programmed on your TiVo? Do you realize just how much the content of that sentence alone screams "gay?"

re: Gary Sinise - A friend of mine who's (allegedly) worked with Sinese several times once claimed that they "clean him up a LOT" for his film and TV roles. Lotsa makeup and good lighting. I've never seen him do a stage role, though, so maybe that would be the telling factor.

re: Bag - Turn they will, indeed.

Joe said...

OMG! I totally TiVo'd all six hours of the Broadway special too. It was fantastic! Boy-howdy, I feel the gayest I've ever felt saying that. It's a good thing I'm going to top that comment by saying: Julie Andrews has been my favorite film-and-stage diva since I was a wee tot watching Mary Poppins. [Implodes into super nova of homo energy, illuminating a thousand drag stages across the Midwest]