Sunday, October 31, 2004

Letter from Washington

I'm sitting at one of the free computers in the lobby of our hotel (VERY cool guest perk) and waiting to head out on one more family excursion before I wing my way home this afternoon. We've had a pretty spectacular week (detailed commentary and snide remarks to follow in a separate post), and Dad made it safely to the other side of 65. I didn't run into -- and get to slap -- Antonin "Scabby Little Butthole" Scalia or "Tiny" Dick "Scabby Little Butthole" Cheney while we were here, but my family and I did spend time in darn near every museum and monument we'd hoped to visit. And we stumbled on a few more that were equally as thrilling.

I'd packed my running gear in the hopes of making a few laps around the Mall under the watchful eye of my favorite DC landmarks, but my knee is still pretty banged up from the marathon. I did get to enjoy the next best thing, though: reveling in the palpable energy (and endless miles of hot, muscular legs) from the Marine Corps Marathon, which is freshly underway as I write this. The city -- our hotel especially -- has been PACKED with marathon runners (with those amazing legs) and Marines (with those sexy high-and-tight flattops) all weekend. And it's been extremely difficult to scope and flirt discreetly around my parents (not that any of those stupid Marines showed any interest in flirting back).

Enjoy your Halloween. And watch this space for more exciting news from Dad's Medicare Tour 2004.

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palochi said...

One night stay at DC hotel: $169

Birthday dinner for three at dad's favorite restaurant: $228

Flirting with marines who know at least 17 ways to kill you in less than a second: Priceless