Monday, August 06, 2018

You know how when you're lying in bed, relaxing your mind and body, and waiting to drift off to sleep

... when suddenly that one thing you did that one time years and years ago suddenly pops into your head and fills you with pulses of horror and embarrassment and then you end up lying awake for hours mortified by yourself and terrified that you're still being judged?
I still remember with piercing clarity the look of surprise and pain and disbelief on this client's face when I handed him a stack of presentation materials and somehow stabbed him--with blood! and that sickening feeling of grip when I pulled it out!--in the side of his hand with my freshly sharpened pencil. I still remember the stomach-dropping feeling of dread that that one little stab could result in massive financial carnage when this client sued us for negligence and dropped us as an agency.

And I ESPECIALLY remember the next half hour where I had to stand in my state of near-emesis in front our our bleeding, bandaged, possibly lead-poisoned client and his colleagues and MY supervisors as I presented a detailed, matrixed, multi-channel, almost-million-dollar campaign to everyone.

And Facebook not only brought it all back to me this morning, but reminded me that IT'S BEEN TEN YEARS.

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