Thursday, February 05, 2009

We’ve discovered one more thing that got burgled

Thomas can’t find his earbuds for his CD player. Though the CD player is still in his room. So they must have been stolen last week as well. Poor Thomas. Nobody is immune when your house gets broken into.

And we’re still having moments of I wonder if the burglar also stole THAT long-forgotten thing, but when we check, those long-forgotten things are always where we remember leaving them. I had kind of hoped the burglar had relieved us of the domestic partner’s broken camera that we’ve never brought ourselves to throw away or get repaired. But when we checked this morning, it was still taking up valuable space in the cupboard were we store it. So no such luck.

And as we continue our ongoing mental inventory of the valuables in our house, I can’t decide if it’s a mark of consumer restraint or financial failure that we really don’t have much stuff that would be attractive to a burglar. At least not anymore.

In any case, our insurance company finally called … and the guy on the phone seemed genuinely shocked when he started reading the information on his computer screen to us and he discovered that his company had taken five days to get back to us. So we’re chalking up the delay as an unfortunate oversight. I’ve never filed a burglary claim before, so the whole process has been uncharted territory for me. And I’m pleased to report that most of it has gone as pleasantly as one could expect. The insurance company reimbursed us for everything—including the cash and our last-minute addition of the earbuds—with no questions asked. Unfortunately, some moron bought us insurance with a high deductible, so I’m going to hold off replacing my iPod until everything else is replaced. So with all your helpful camera recommendations, I may be going on an electronics binge sometime next month.

And if any of you burglars try to come steal our new stuff, take the damn broken camera too. And be prepared to endure a grisly, painful death if I catch you in my house.

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