Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy birthday to my mom!

Don't tell her, but I got her something she'll never have to dust, trip over, insure or write a thank-you note for. For her birthday, I registered myself for the Chicago Marathon! I am such a giver.

In case you're worried I've turned my mom's birthday into a reason to blog all about myself–and where on earth would you get that idea?—my sister and I have made sure Mom and Dad are celebrating someplace fabulous today. Actually, my sister did all the planning, as usual. I just wrote her a check. But as I said: I'm a giver. It's something in me I just can't not share.

And now I'm giving you people this: If you're running the Chicago Marathon this year, registration opens today. So get a second mortgage (registration fees have gone up!) and click here to get started.

And don't expect a thank-you note from my mom.

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