Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Hustle photos!

The official Hustle up the Hancock photos are finally posted. They're available to purchase for a modest sum or to crop ’n’ steal for the cost of a command+shift+4. Guess which option I chose.

I certainly look dewy and energetic as I approach the first floor here. Want to know know why I'm marching like a Muppet? Because Muppets get the CHICKS.

My secret to getting all the way to the 95th floor: I have magical powers of flight.

Flailing limbs notwithstanding, this year's pictures are a whole lot more flattering than last year's fluffy-haired monstrosities. Though I still see no reason to give them validation by throwing money at them. So I'll just continue on my selfish crop ’n’ steal journey to copyright infringement hell. At least until the Hustle comes with a hair and makeup crew.

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