Monday, October 13, 2008

First peek at marathon pictures!

The marathon photo people are slowly uploading all ten billion pictures they took on race day and categorizing them by our bib numbers so we can find our pictures ... and then drop a couple hundred dollars on commemorative prints. Here are thumbnails of two of the pix they've found of me so far, both clearly taken before the temperature spiked, which was at my mile 20:

I was pretty much on par to hit my 4:00 goal -- or at least beat my 4:20 personal best -- for the first 20 miles on Sunday. But once the temperature inched past my comfort zone, I got all goosebumpy and dehydrated and slowed to an absolute crawl for the last six excruciating miles. But 4:50 isn't anything to be (too) embarrassed about, and it has a nice symmetry with the domestic partner's 5:40 time, both of which I emblazoned on a store-bought cake (with exclamation points! to show how proud I am of us!) for our marathon victory party tonight:

I normally have the penmanship of a drunken third-grader. And from the looks of this cake, I clearly have the squirtfrostingmanship of a legally sober zygote. But I have to say my 5s look pretty professional here. So I might still have a career in cake decorating. Right after I master the art of taking pictures of the people who came to our party instead of just the store-bought pastries.

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