Friday, October 03, 2008

Chcek out my fancy new MAN BAG!

I wore it to work this morning (along with my only Cubs shirt, which totally completes my manly man-bag appearance) and I already have two complaints: 1) The shoulder strap isn't adjustable so the bag hangs way down by my butt and 2) The flap on the front is held shut with weak, unmanly magnets. So as the bag bounces on my butt, the flap opens and loudly smacks shut with each butt bump. Stupid man bag.

If you look closely at this picture, you can also check out the color options for our relentlessly white bathrooms. The color chips are really not well-rendered through a mirror and a camera phone, but the current plan is to paint this bathroom the two shades of minty-celery green you see near the top of the door frame, and the guest bathroom will get the muddy gray/khaki combination you see just above my ear.

These plans change on a monthly basis. Unlike Sarah Palin's debate strategy, which will always be about Energy! Because she's a nookular maverick!

Moderator: We have decades of voting records showing that John McCain's deregulation strategies are directly responsible our current financial crisis.
Sarah Palin: Energy!

Moderator: You keep repeating your mindless assertion that John McCain is maverick like you're some goddamned drunken parrot, but he's voted with George W. Bush's disastrous policies 90% of the time.
Sarah Palin: Energy!

Moderator: "Nuclear" has only two syllables.
Sarah Palin: Energy!

Moderator: Sarah, Palin, you're too stupid to be vice president.
Sarah Palin: Energy!

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