Saturday, October 11, 2008


The miles are run. The shoes are broken in (I hope). The toenails are trimmed. The hair is cut (nobody wants to look shaggy in a marathon photo). The numbered bibs and timing chips are picked up. There are even fabulous new padded socks with built-in arch support all washed and ready to be worn.

And you, dear people, have once again coughed up an impressive pile of donations on my behalf for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. Here is a list of all you cool folks who have sponsored me (so far) this summer:

Donald S.
David W.
Betty S.
Joan D.
Brian B.
Jane H.
David S.
Linda I.
Jessica I.
Jennifer D.
Nicole H.
David P.
Amy M.
David L.
Jeffrey K.
Bill L.
Ron G.
Karla G.
Jay H.
Jennifer K.
David B.
Todd P.
Nick G.
Janeanne P.
Ingrid T.
Richard N.
Virginia H.
Amy K.
Dominic G.

If I know you personally (and have your contact information), I'll be sending you thank-you notes after the marathon. If I don't know you, the donation web site doesn't give me any contact information, so the best I can offer you is my sincere thanks right here. You're all generous to a fault, and I'll think about you throughout my four (and hopefully not much more) hours in the marathon tomorrow.

The weather is supposed to be on the warmer side of comfortable, so I'm already feeling a little pre-defeated about the race. Send cool thoughts my way from 8:00 to noon (and maybe a little longer just to be safe) Central Time. I'll post pictures and stories as soon as I recover!

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