Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Like a thunderclap from the sky

So there we were, blissfully asleep in the wee hours of this morning in our big, kinda-droopy-but-soon-to-be-replaced bed in our cozy new condo, when WHAM! A massive, heart-stopping explosion jerked us both upright in the dark, as though the heavens had erupted in an apocalyptic, post-nuclear thunderclap. Which, it turns out, is exactly what happened.

And what makes our thunder-waking-us-from-a-deep-sleep story so newsworthy? Um … mostly just the fact that I don’t have anything else terribly fascinating to blog about at the moment.

For instance! I ate at Olive Garden on Friday night with my friend Matt. It’s true! Matt stopped by the condo to see it for the first time, and then we drove to the suburbs for some down-home chain cookin’. We were there, so we were family. Then he took me home so I could climb right into bed and be up at some hateful hour on Saturday for marathon training. See? Do you SEE how boring my life is right now?

Also! My friend Bob came over on Saturday for what he figured would be an hour-long adventure in helping me (and me alone because the boyfriend was conveniently “at work”) synchronize two wireless laptops, one Vonage system, one surround-sound system and two TiVo systems that had sat dormant since the day we moved them to the new condo. But the joke was on us! Because that hour stretched to freaking eight hours of clicking, plugging, unplugging, replugging, swearing, saying Cool! once in a while when something worked right, running to Best Buy for a TiVo connector part it turns out they don’t carry, ordering it online in the rare window of opportunity when the wireless cable Internet was working, and eventually getting most of the network up and running. But there are many things we still have to fix:
• The TiVo and the cable system are still two channels apart, even though we’ve re-set up the channel alignment repeatedly. Which means when TiVo thinks it’s recording a CSI rerun, it’s really saving an hour-long infomercial two channels away about a miracle girdle. An hour! About a girdle! (Although I have to say it makes a huge difference on the figures of the average mall shoppers who try it on and gasp appreciatively in the mirror. Bob and I ordered seven already for ourselves.)
• While the TiVos now hum away contentedly as they get updates on new program schedules, change channels almost to the right channel numbers, and even—tentatively—actually talk to each other wirelessly so we can watch something from one TiVo on a different TiVo television, they have somehow bypassed the Comcast OnDemand service we pay so dearly for. Which means we still have more buttons to push and more cables to re-plug if we ever intend to watch OnDemand CSI episodes with their limited repertoire of truck commercials.
• The cable in the bedroom doesn’t work at all. But that could have something to do with the connector cable we ordered and we’re waiting to receive. So we’re not freaking out about it just yet.
• I figured out how to use HTML blockquote to indent these bullets, but I still need to figure out how to maybe make the bullets hang off to the left of the copy.

WHEW. For living such a dreary, empty life, I guess I’ve been having more than my fair share of adventures. On tonight’s docket: I’m going to go running. And then do a warmdown. And then watch three hours of infomercials about foundation garments. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report.

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