Thursday, May 31, 2007

Suffering fools and suffering children

HUNTINGTON, Conn., May 30, 2007 ( - On May 23, 2007, the White House released an official White House photo of Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne Cheney, welcoming their sixth grandchild, Samuel David Cheney, into the Cheney fold. The child is the offspring of Mary Cheney and an unreported male sperm donor. However the official White House photo caption indicates the child’s “parents” are Mary Cheney and her homosexual partner, Heather Poe.
Dick's tell-tale heart is starting to beat, and he's taking a thumping all over the web. Let me do some translating for you: “Unreported male sperm donor” is Christian Hate Industry code for “Mary’s a vile, repulsive lesbian hell-bent on defiling the sanctity of the heterosexual-family paradigm.” If the Cheneys’ heterosexual daughter and her infertile husband had used a sperm donor to create a child, the CHI would no doubt proclaim the baby’s birth a “miracle,” despite all the basic science behind the event.

Stephen Bennett, a pro-family advocate who left the homosexual lifestyle and now has a ministry to convince others of its dangers, expressed his concern about the White House’s decision to caption the photo this way. “What is extremely troubling is the official White House caption that appears underneath the photo on the official White House website,” said Bennett.
A man who is so emotionally incapable of living with his own homosexuality that he tries to "leave" it is probably the last person qualified to discuss gay parenting with any authority or impartiality. Actually, what's "extremely troubling" here is that Stephen Bennett thinks 1) there is a universal “homosexual lifestyle,” 2) that a person can “leave” whatever that vapid, meaningless phrase implies and 3) that he treats the dissemination of lies and his own self-loathing as a “ministry.” Then again, he’s in bed with the CHI marketing people who brought us “pro-family” as code for “gay people should be excluded from every family.” So it’s not like he’s the kindest, most intelligent cocksucker at the Exodus Ministries orgy.

Rather than merely stating that the child is the “child of their daughter Mary Cheney,” the White House photo caption states, “... His parents are the Cheney’s daughter Mary, and her partner, Heather Poe.”
Because bastard child trumps test-tube-and-lesbian-partner child any day. At least if you’re a Christian Republican who thinks his mansex days are behind him.

“Since when have two homosexual women been able to naturally procreate?,” (sic) commented Bennett.
About as often as two heterosexual people who are infertile. But for some reason Bennett’s outrage over the unnatural practices of adoption and test-tube procreation weren’t mentioned in this article.

“Fact is (sic) Mary Cheney, the Vice President’s daughter - in one way or another - received a male’s sperm. She is the biological mother, parent number one, and some man, somewhere out there, is Samuel David’s real biological father, parent number two.”
Even though he probably signed away his parental rights when he donated his sperm. But as Stephen Bennett is above the laws of reason and intelligence, so is he above the laws of binding contracts. Leaving the homosexual lifestyle apparently gives you magical powers.

He added, “Heather Poe is Mary Cheney’s live-in lesbian lover. She may act like a parent, she may treat the baby as a parent, she may love this baby with all of her heart, but in this reality we all live in, Heather Poe is NOT the baby’s real parent. She has NO biological connection to the child whatsoever. Some man, the baby’s real Daddy, is the child’s other REAL parent.”
And adoptive parents are also nothing more than fake parents, worthy of the same Christian scorn Stephen Bennett heaps on Heather Poe.

Bennnet called the White House to account for what he called its “Double Speak,” pointing out that while Bush has publicly stated that he is against recognizing homosexual unions, by recognizing Heather Poe as one of Samuel Cheney’s “parents” he is effectively doing exactly that.
Last October, Lynne Cheney accused John Kerry of using “a cheap and tawdry political trick” and declared that he “is not a good man” after he merely referred to Mary’s homosexuality when he was asked whether he thought homosexuality was a choice. Now that the cocks Dick so greedily sucked to get elected are spraying her family with actual vitriol and condemnation, she is conspicuously silent. Which makes her kind of a stupid cunt.

“President George W. Bush held several press conferences calling for a Federal Marriage Amendment to protect the God-ordained institution of marriage between one man and one woman,” said Bennet.
Just like the God-ordained institution of slavery between one white man and as many black people as he can beat and fuck in one lifetime. It’s in the Bible!

Bennet (sic) concluded, “I say shame on the White House, shame on the President and shame on the Vice President for allowing such a caption to be ‘officially’ added onto the White House website and such a beautiful photo of two happy grandparents and their new grandchild.”
Because nothing makes a beautiful grandchild uglier than having two parents to care for him. Bad Samuel! Shame! You’re ugly!

Calls to the White House were not returned by a White House spokesman prior to press time.
Again with the thundering silence. I’m beginning to think there might be something wrong with the Bush-Cheney families. Like maybe they’re self-serving shitholes who will blithely barter away the lives of gay people for hate votes even at the expense of their families’ dignity and equality. Or maybe they’re just retarded. In any case, they’ve made their bed and now they get to lie in it, with lesbians between their sheets and frothing Christians wielding torches and pitchforks outside their window. And with the exception of innocent little Samuel, I hope they all suffer some long, sleepless, painful nights.

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