Friday, June 16, 2006

This weekend’s schedule:

4:30ish. Haircut.
I’m feeling kinda shaggy.

7:30. Dinner with the most random bunch of guys ever. New Running Buddy and a friend of his and I had eaten at a Corner Bakery over Memorial Day weekend, and we ended up sitting next to a guy I used to know way back when we both lived in Iowa. He was eating with his kinda BF and a friend of theirs and they were all pretty hot so we pushed our tables together and spent the next two hours having a delightful dinner party. We all exchanged business cards, and I decided a week later that we should have a Corner Bakery reunion, only at someplace nicer than Corner Bakery. So we all cleared our schedules for tonight, and we’re having a foo-foo dinner at a foo-foo restaurant in Boystown. Only my friend from Iowa suddenly canceled today. And his two friends haven’t gotten back to me for sure to say they’re coming. And my friend Matt just called to see what I was doing tonight, so I invited him. The randomness continues.

7:00. AIDS Marathon training.
We’re running 10 miles. It’s supposed to get up to the 90s, which is a welcome relief from the arctic monsoon conditions we ran in last Saturday. And I’m PSYCHED.

10:00ish. Breakfast. The best part of AIDS Marathon training is going out for food afterward with everyone. (Current diner we’re loving: Stella’s on Broadway.) My running group rocks. So do the hangers-on from the other groups who eat with us and who secretly resent us for being the coolest running group in the history of marathon training. Their jealousy is touching.

Noonish. Something fun I don’t want to blog about just yet. But there will be pictures!

8:00. Dinner with Matthew and Todd and NRB. It’s my turn to host. And to cook. And I probably should clean a little too. So nobody gets ptomaine. Which is probably more fun to spell than to have.

11:00. Photo shoot.
(I sound like a total supermodel when I say that!) A friend of mine is an amateur photographer, and he has some kind of assignment for a class he’s taking and he wants me and NRB to be his models. He has enough disposable income that he’s set up an entire studio in his house, so with real lights and real cameras, the photos should turn out pretty cool. I have no idea what the theme of his project is (butterflies in motion? the working poor? skin lesions and firearms?), but knowing him I’m pretty sure we’ll end up with our shirts off.

2:00. Seven-hour chorus rehearsal. Which sounds worse than it is. Our show is next weekend. It’s packed full of Sondheim. It’s gonna be gorgeous. Get your tickets here.

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