Thursday, June 30, 2005

It’s started

Today is June 30, and one of our clients just kicked off the first Christmas (ahem, holiday) project of the year.

This is how it works in advertising. Freezing your ass off? Write about summer vacations! Spring allergies? Break out the football metaphors for a campaign that scores a touchdown! Are your balls so sweaty they stick to your thighs when you walk? Do a photo search for reindeer on the roof and plates of cookies by the fireplace!

And even though I’ve been given a full six months’ notice about every upcoming holiday since 1991, I still end up scrambling at the last minute to dream up Halloween costumes/buy Christmas presents/decorate for Arbor Day.

For instance! We celebrate our nation’s independence in four short days. And where is my bunting? Still not bought. My Thomas Jefferson commemorative Lego sculpture? I haven’t had time to clear off the dining room table to make room. My Patriotic Poke Cake? I haven’t even thawed the Cool Whip.

But you, dear readers, at least know enough to start watching your mailboxes for the holiday advertising you’ll treasure for generations.

And let me be the first to wish you a happy Flag Day.

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