Thursday, April 08, 2004

So Bob and I finally nailed down our dates for Paris and London on Monday night. And we tried to buy our tickets on Orbitz, but the site kept doing weird things. So we decided we'd keep trying throughout the week until we got our reservations booked. And somewhere in the conversation -- I think it was when I complained about how professionally unfulfilling my work life has been lately -- Bob made a comment about how people work only because they know that if they lose their jobs they're just months away from financial desperation.

And the next day, Bob lost his job.

It wasn't anything personal; his department's raison d'ĂȘtre wasn't producing any revenue, so the company just eliminated the raison and canned the whole department.

So I guess we should thank the make-believe god on our money and in our pledge that we didn't book our tickets the night before.

And I have to either:
1) contemplate doing London and Paris alone this fall
2) think of somewhere else fun to go on vacation this year

Any suggestions?

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