Thursday, June 07, 2018

I'm almost always lucid enough for a selfie

When you apparently mention being bipolar too much on Facebook and it cosmically triggers a depressive episode that lands you in bed for 18 hours when you get home from work and it’s bad enough that you call in sick the next day even though you’re hoarding all your PTO for all your summer vacations but it turns out to be the right decision because you sleep long and rough and alarmingly sweaty and you eventually start to punch your way out of the wet wool blanket and see the light through the fog and your mom gets out your favorite mattress-ticking sheet to put on the couch so you can convalesce in the living room by the radio that’s currently playing a Fauré harp sonata which isn’t totally your thing but you still have some lingering fog so you really have bigger fish to fry which is just an expression because you don’t really like seafood where was I oh yes I had a damn depressive episode yesterday that ended up being worse than I’d expected and I always feel guilty calling in sick but these episodes have gone from one a month to about three a year and it’s better it happened today instead of tomorrow when I’d have to fight my way out of a fog on stage in my show which I’ve done many times before but it’s not ideal and it usually alarms my castmates so WHEW! to that timing and now the radio is playing a Rossini overture that’s filled with fire and music just like Eve Harrington which is way more my style and I have my mattress-ticking sheet and a feisty-cherry-flavored whatever the hell that means Diet Coke and I managed to take a decent selfie not that I have a lot of practice or anything and if I time everything just right this manically run-on non-sentence will post just ... as ... the ... Rossini ... comes ... to ... its ... triumphant ... CONCLUSION.

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