Sunday, January 07, 2018

Doin’ some screwin’

I don’t really love awards shows but I feel like I need to watch them to stay informed and young and fresh and relevant and hip and cool and I’m sorry but I’m old and I forgot where I was going with this. Oh—and I REALLY don’t love the tumbling mountains of bags and sacks and jars and cracked blister packs and more bags each holding as many at hundreds and as few as two nails or screws or washers or butterfly bolts or drywall anchors on the workbench in our workroom. So I’ve been watching the Golden Globes (and Oprah’s brilliant, impassioned, inspiring speech alone makes me insanely thankful I did) tonight while organizing about half of all that hardware clutter in my new Stanley(R) Stormaster(R). So now I’m kinda informed and kinda hip and kinda cool AND kinda organized. Baby steps!

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