Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Was it worth it?

No, really. That whole time you were filling the pot with water ... standing by the stove waiting for it to boil ... thinking and planning what you were going to do with it ... carrying it carefully over to the sleeping faggots so you wouldn't hurt yourself the way you intended to hurt them ...

Was it worth it?

Fifteen minutes of planning and preparation to inflict two lifetimes of agony and suffering and disfigurement and torment and humiliation. And for what? To prove that you're a man? To make sure those sleeping, defenseless faggots will forever know that they're less than human and deserving of unprovoked, unforeseeable physical violence?

It wasn't just enough to hate. And this wasn't just a fit of rage. You took time and effort to turn the ugly hatred you've been taught -- and that you chose to embrace -- into cruelty and barbarity so shocking ... so severe ... so sadistically permanent that you've physically and emotionally destroyed two lives and sent waves of horror and numbingly familiar pain into the hearts and minds of older gay people who've spent their lives suffering from and struggling to rise above your hatred and evil along with a new generation of gay kids who are just starting to learn about the hatred and evil they'll have to deal with the rest of their lives -- the hatred and evil perpetuated by you and all the people like you who work so tirelessly to make sure that the rot in their hearts and minds lives on to rot the hearts and minds of everyone else they can possibly influence.

And now. Forty years in prison. Where you'll no doubt be applauded by people like you and targeted by people who see how weak and cowardly you really are in the gay-hating/gay-obsessive hierarchy.

Fifteen minutes of planning. Two lives forever altered. A small man making a mighty splash of hatred over a new generation of gay people who can be hurt and the less-than-people who can hurt them.

All for only 40 years in prison.

Was it worth it?

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