Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sneak peek at the new bathroom

or gratuitous shot of ... um ... our new backsplash tile:

There was supposed to be dramatic under-cabinet lighting to highlight the textures and shapes of the backsplash tile—because indirect lighting is the hallmark of a civilized society—but the moron/worst employee of the month at Lowe's sold me a lighting package that couldn't be hardwired to the switch in the wall. Even though I asked him specifically to help me find under-cabinet lighting that could be hardwired to the switch in the wall. PLUS! When I took down the over-cabinet light that the developer installed when he rehabbed the condo a mere six years ago, I discovered that HE DIDN'T INSTALL A JUNCTION BOX. The light was just screwed into the drywall with the wires dangling out of a piece of conduit.

If you don't speak electricity, you need to know just two words to understand why the actions of the developer and the Lowe's employee are so appalling: electrical fire. Oh, and douchebag. Here's how to use them in a sentence: My bathroom remodeling project is still not finished because of douchebags like these guys whose dangerous lack of knowledge about their jobs forces me to change design plans and keep running to (reputable) hardware stores so I can correct their oversights and prevent electrical fires in our condo.

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