Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back on track!

The tile is higher, the mirror is up, the switchplate is accessible, the tools are hiding in the sink where you can't see them ... and check out the subtle downlighting over the backsplash:

Even better, there's now a light above the mirror. And it's mounted nice and safe on a brand-new not-gonna-burn-the-house-down-like-the-developer-intended junction box:
Fun fact! I have a weird thing about lightbulbs. Specifically, I hate seeing them. So I will allow only lightbulb-hiding fixtures in my home. Which really limits my selection. Because apparently the whole damn world likes looking at lightbulbs with their little backlit way of announcing Hey! I'm 60 watts! From GE! And telling you this by having it written on my backlit head makes me classy!

And yes, I'm aware I'm once again posting gratuitously shirtless pix all over the Internets. But our air conditioner is on the don't-produce-cold-air-on-the-hottest-day-of-early-summer-while-Jake-spends-four-hours-on-home-renovations plan. So I did the aforementioned home renovation in my underpants. Because my cargo shorts got so wet I couldn't get up and down off my step stool. So off they came. And contrary to what you might think, hiding your lightbulbs is much easier in relatively dry underpants than in moist, saggy cargo shorts.

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