Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Stupid things I have done

Sunday night, right before I was about to fall asleep for good after an afternoon and evening of fitful napping, I decided it would be an excellent idea to broadcast a text message to ten people about my ER adventures earlier that day. Why? Because my phone will let me broadcast the same text message to ten people at once! And it’s a shame not to use that technology when it’s available to you! Even if the information you have to convey is probably more suited to a medium like email or voicemail that lets you go into important details.

So here’s what I sent in my well-meaning stupor: I had an adventure today. In a nutshell: Massive chest pains. 911. Ambulance. Six hours of ER tests. Diagnosis: Torn rib muscles with lots of pain in my future. Whee.

Unfortunately, the text message had too many characters for some of my friends’ texting plans. So it cut off after “ER.”

Also unfortunately, my phone was running out of juice so I shut it off and went to bed. While ten people I know spent the rest of the evening FREAKING OUT.

When you’re in crushing pain—and even when you’re well out of the crushing-pain woods (which, contrary to legend, is not the hideout for Robin Hood and his merry wives of Windsor or whatever they were called)—you make a point to never stray too far from the little bottle that holds your pain meds.

So, of course, I left my pain meds at home when I went back to work today.

Thankfully, the pain is proving to be pretty manageable without any chemical help. And I have a desk full of Ibuprofen, which I’m sure would do in a pinch. But still. I am clearly not the smartest person you know today.

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