Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back in the saddle

A week ago I was finally back at work after recuperating from my ER adventure … and working to ensure that I took only dainty little breaths so as not to stretch whatever it was in my ribcage that was sending searing pain across my torso.

This morning I ran four miles.

It was my first outdoor run since the marathon in October. And while it wasn’t the prettiest four-mile run of my life—I had a bloody nose when I got home and my esophagus feels like it’s been scrubbed with a bottle brush—it was relatively easy to do.

I chugged a half gallon of water when I got home and I drank two huge glasses of water in two hours of morning meetings when I got to work. Then I had one of those conference calls where everyone dials in to an 800 number and enters a common code and the system asks you to say your name before it lets you into the call. I was reading up on the strategy brief for the meeting and obviously not paying attention because when the system asked my account person to say his name, I decided to announce to nobody in particular: “I have to pee.”

So my ribcage is back in working order, but my common sense is still up for grabs. But I did, for the record, have a very good pee after the call was over.

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