Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I suck at this game.

So I go to the EL last night and I walk past a hunky (though young-looking) dude sitting in a sleeveless T-shirt and baggy gym shorts on the platform. He doesn't even look up, and I keep on walking and I wait for the train at the other end of the platform. The train comes, I get on, I sit down, I start reading ... and I suddenly notice he's sitting right across the aisle from me.

Which means either:
1) He randomly wandered to the same train I'm on and my imagination's just in overdrive.
2) He followed me 'cause he wants me BAD.

And it definitely means:
1) He's smokin' HOT up close.

Then both of us keep "looking" around the train, craning our necks this way and that in a shameless effort to just happen to lock eyes once in a while. Which we do. A lot.

Then we get to the part where I have no idea what to say or do. "Excuse me, but I noticed we seem to be flirting. Wanna see my nipples?" "Dude. Nice legs. They'd look great wrapped around my neck." "Man, it's hot in here. Mind if I take off my shirt?" The possibilities are endless ... if you're doing bad porn.

Anyway, we get to my stop. He's momentarily distracted by his book. I get off. He doesn't notice until the doors close and the train starts pulling away and our eyes meet once more through the window.

And ... I guess this story doesn't have much of an interesting ending. I'm sorry. On many counts.

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