Saturday, September 20, 2003

A day in the 'burbs

We had a one-day chorus retreat (which is code for day-long rehearsal in a place far enough away that people will commit to rehearsing and won't be coming and going all day and being disruptive) today in Oak Park. We got a lot of singing done, but best of all we had some silly social games that forced us to get to know each other better. With 150+ members, it's easy just to talk to the people you know at rehearsals and never expand your circles -- and today I had a really good time talking to some of the guys I've been on only a nod-hello basis with. And now we're best friends forever.

We also had a two-hour lunch break, and one of the chorus members gave us an abbreviated walking tour of the historic Frank Lloyd Wright homes in the neighborhood where we were rehearsing. The architecture and the neighborhoods are really quite beautiful -- moreso than their photographs lead you to believe -- and it's always refreshing to walk along streets with more empty parking spaces than cars.

Tonight I'm on the party circuit: A new-chorus-member reception in Boystown and a birthday party at Paul and Mike's in East Rogers Park.

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