Sunday, October 11, 2009

I peed under a bridge today

Oh, and I also ran a marathon. And while releasing myself from the self-imposed pressure of trying to beat 4:00 was incredibly freeing, I still secretly hoped to stay under 5:00. Which I did ... by mere seconds!

I don't have the official numbers or any pictures yet. And I feel like crap. Finishing today was easily the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. So I'm gonna take some NyQuil and knock myself unconscious for a few hours.

But here are some basic updates for those of you keeping score at home:

The foot injury didn't give me a lick of trouble, though the rest of my foot did.

The head cold has traveled so deep into my lungs that I'm afraid to cough out of fear I'll never be able to stop.

The freezing cold was alternately horrible and manageable. Our triathlete friends Simon and Russ lent me some running tights at the last minute, and that completely changed the outcome of the run for me. Triathlete friends rock.

The mohawk didn't happen. Mostly because of the freezing cold. I figured I didn't need frostbite on my scalp in the middle of all my other concerns today. Plus I wore a hat for the first third of the marathon anyway. Sorry to get anyone's hopes up.

Oh, and I forgot to post this pic before I took off this morning. I was going to say something pseudo-clever with it like If you can see this picture, I'm probably still running the marathon:

More pix and details to come. Once I get them. And if I manage to wake up from my NyQuil coma. Thanks for all your good wishes!

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