Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Three years ago today

I woke up, ran 16 miles, had breakfast with my marathon team, headed home to nap ... and decided I should be social and go to a brunch at some friends' house instead.

A few hours later I left that brunch with a boyfriend. Who became a fiancé a year later. Who is now a domestic partner or a husband depending on which word pops out of my mouth first ... even though we haven't had a wedding yet. Mostly because we're too lazy to plan one. And too cheap to pay for one. But as far as we're concerned, we're still very much married.

Three years is the Chips Ahoy!® anniversary. I think. So we'll be packing a snacky picnic basket and spreading ourselves on a blanket tonight at Millennium Park to enjoy a free concert. And we're thrilled that some dear friends and family members will be joining us.

And I can't think of a happier way to celebrate three years of freakishly easy happiness.

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