Sunday, July 19, 2009

Six years ago today

I started writing this blog.

I'd like to tell you it was because I had a story to tell or I just wanted to organize my thoughts or I was using the blog to test material for a book I intended to write. But the pathetic truth is I kind of started writing it to impress a blog writer I had a huge crush on. And, of course, the moment I started writing my blog, he quit his job in Canada and moved to Chicago to be with me and we've lived happily ever after since then. Or he never noticed my blog and he eventually stopped writing his and I've never heard a thing about him since then. But I like my version of the story better.

Though I periodically see his writing in mine when I look back at my old blog posts. Which tells me that my crush was not based entirely on his photos. But they sure helped.

Now this blog seems to be an online diary devoted mostly to running and working out. Which kind of makes sense, since that's about all I do with my free time. But I sometimes shake things up with an angry-homo diatribe or a camera-phone picture of a home project. Which still leaves the overall content pretty high on the gaytinuum. And I've always tried to end every blog post in a clever summation that brings my thoughts full-circle. Except this time.

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