Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I just spent $32 on ugly-ass monk shoes

So the least you could do is come see me wear them.

I'll be singing and dancing and monking (and firemaning!) all weekend in Bad Habits, the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus' fabulous original musical about young love and drinking and Jake dancing around in ugly-ass monk shoes and also wearing a fireman uniform in a monastery. Click on this information-filled graphic to get your tickets:
And if you're sitting there thinking one of these days I'm actually gonna haul my ass away from this Pulitzer-worthy blog and go see Jake in one of his gay-ass chorus shows, you'd better get hauling. Because I think this will be my last show for a long time. While I love the chorus, I'm finding myself resenting the time commitment it requires. And you really shouldn't resent your volunteer activities. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind if we do another Sidetrack show-tune-themed show. Because I could never resent an evening of show tunes. Unless they were all from Cats.

Speaking of show tunes, Bad Habits features two songs from the short-lived musical version of Carrie. True story! And they're actually pretty fabulous songs. Even though we sing them in ugly-ass monk shoes.

But what are you doing reading about a musical that ran for only five performances in 1988? Bad Habits runs for only three performances this weekend. Click here to get your tickets. Amen.

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