Sunday, August 24, 2008

Too ... tired ... to ... blog ...

Saturday morning: 20-mile run. Which was actually a 13-mile run for me. The heat felled lots of us.

Saturday afternoon: memorial service. It's the one-year anniversary of the domestic partner's brother's father-in-law's death.

Saturday evening: Dance for Life. It's an evening of pieces by every major dance company in Chicago, staged to raise money for AIDS service organizations. And it's the one fabulous Chicago event we splurge on every summer. Here's a picture of us at the foo-foo gay VIP reception before the performance:

Sunday morning: brunch with the ex-boyfriend. And his boyfriend. And the friend they're staying with in Chicago. And my domestic partner. Gay families can be so fabulous.

Sunday afternoon: 90-minute sports massage. I scheduled it to celebrate my 20-mile run. But I still went anyway. The massage therapist tried to kill me. With his bare hands.

Sunday evening: Huge barbecue with friends. I ate carbs. And ice cream.

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