Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh, hai.

Remember me? I used to write a blog here.

But then my hometown flooded and it seemed kinda rude to write about my glamorous, starlet-filled life when 25,000 people back home were struggling to rebuild their suddenly very different lives.

And then my whole freakin' staff went on vacation at the same time last week in some diabolical plot to give me an ulcer. And to prevent me from blogging. But! A new Subway opened up across from our office and I think the guy behind the counter likes me (and not in a thank-you-for-being-our-valuable-customer kind of way) because in four visits I've managed to get his name, nine punches on my frequent-eater card AND a free cookie.

But the waters have receded and the cleanup has begun and life in Cedar Rapids is slowly moving forward. And my staff will be back to 100% starting tomorrow. And by Wednesday I'll qualify for a free sandwich.

Which is good because this weekend the domestic partner and I managed to spend $450 (minus $150 in gift cards) on patio furniture and a few Asian-inspired decorative accent lights. So now we can finally use our back porch for more than broom storage.

If I get a burst of initiative, I may take a picture for you. Assuming I'm not too busy relaxing in the warm glow of Asian-inspired decorative accent lights.

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