Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's exactly halfway to Christmas Eve

And we all know what that means: It's my sister's birthday!

My sister is the quintessential supermom who is raising two uncommonly photogenic children, starting a business with her husband, and spearheading community initiatives like preserving a kids' science museum and transforming a sad little petting zoo into a multifaceted interactive livestock experience. That last phrase could sound naughty if you choose to read it from an inappropriate perspective, but I know you're more mature than that. Besides, it's my sister's birthday, so please don't spoil it. And don't tell her, but I'm the world's most unimaginative gift giver (well, you can tell her that because she probably already knows) so I'm sending her ... well, you'll just have to guess. But I can promise you it's not a tie. Or a rake. Or a handgun. Because those are hard to mail.

As a cosmic bonus, it's also the domestic partner's cousin's girlfriend's birthday! Woo-hoo!

You know how when you enter into a relationship and a big part of the new equation is you get new family members whether you like them or not? Well, I hit the jackpot with the domestic partner's cousin and the domestic partner's cousin's girlfriend. Not only do they get my sense of humor, but they take my off-the-wall jokes and run with them. And I mean run. Like a child being chased by a rabbit wielding a rake and a handgun. Sometimes I think they're even weirder than I am. Plus, they are just decent, kind folks who go out of their way to help us care for the domestic partner's brother, who has been living with us since October.

So today is a celebration of the birth of two of my favorite people, one new and one old. Well, not old old, but neither of them should still be holding on to a subscription of Tiger Beat, if you know what I mean. And neither of them is getting a rake or a handgun. In case anyone's still guessing. But happy birthday to the both of you nonetheless!

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