Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Holiday greetings from Westdale Mall

I know the holidays are behind us, but it's never too late for a lovely Christmas carol. Like the one I'm playing in this picture with the McKinley Junior High School orchestra at our gala holiday concert in front of the JCPenney at Cedar Rapids' scenic Westdale Mall:

You can tell I'm totally into the music because my eyes are closed. You can tell it's a winter concert because of the coats piled discreetly in the background. Right in front of the picket fence surrounding the dancing Santa display. And by the Hawkeye Rose Bowl pin dwarfing my chest. A quick google search tells me the Hawkeyes went to the Rose Bowl in January 1981, which would have put me in seventh grade. A quick reality check says that a giant football pin doesn't cancel out the fact that I'm playing "Suzy Snowflake" on a mall piano.

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