Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thick paint is not your friend

You may think you're saving a buck or two when you keep using paint after it's started to get syrupy and show signs of age. But what you save in paint you'll spend double on touch-up tape. And then new paint. Because when you spread thick, syrupy paint on your first application of tape, it oozes under the tape like a Christian Republican Senator under a men's room stall divider. (Sorry. That metaphor was just too easy.) Then you get to buy new paint and a couple new rolls of tape and spend hours and hours squinting at paint lines as you mask off the worst of the oozy parts so you can repaint them. Which is about as fun as looking down and seeing a wrinkly old hand grabbing for your ankle.

While I had my camera out this afternoon to document my pain for your enjoyment, I took another picture of our little tree as it looks out over our freshly snowy courtyard. Do you think the chandelier makes our dining room look gay?

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