Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One year ago today

I rejoined the ranks of the employed after spending five weeks on the public dole.

And my employer, cool as he is, handed me a crisp $100 bill at this morning’s staff meeting to help me celebrate.

If I don’t invest it in hookers and cocaine on my way home tonight, I’ll probably spend it on dining room sconces. Or a fancy dinner for the fiancĂ© and me. Or the new Sweeney Todd soundtrack.

Um … hold on a sec …






I’m back. And I no longer have $100.

Because I just pre-ordered the new Sweeney Todd soundtrack.

And the book that goes with it.

And because I’d already qualified for free shipping, I got the two-disc collector’s editions of the last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

And just to prove I’m not on a Johnny Depp bender, I also got the Da Vinci Code DVD.

And I pre-ordered the Ratatouille DVD. Because the movie was totally cute.

And all it’s gonna cost me is $12 of my own money. Along with a two-month wait since most of what I ordered hasn’t been released yet.

But I’m a patient man.

Just like Benjamin Barker.

At last! My DVD collection is complete again!

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