Monday, September 10, 2007

Reflections on an emergency appendectomy

You are never more thankful for what you have than when you almost lose it. Except for your appendix. Mom doesn’t miss hers at all.

The best friends are the ones who come to visit you even when parts of your body have been hacked out and you might be bleeding on things. The best best friends are the ones who bring food.

According to Mom’s surgeon, I am genetically inclined to be well-endowed in the appendix department. If you know what I mean.

Watching your parents get old and fall apart really, really sucks.

A surprise week away from your fiancé is an exercise in extreme patience.

A surprise week away from work to care for your ailing mother is a beautiful gift.

A surprise week with your family would be a whole lot more fun if the vast majority of it weren’t spent in the hospital.

News evolves as it travels. While I was in Iowa taking care of my mom, somehow in the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus gossip chain “Jake’s mom had emergency surgery” became “Jake had emergency surgery” and then “Jake had plastic surgery.” I hope I get the facts all cleared up before I show up at rehearsal next week looking all tired and haggard and all the gossip queens start buzzing about how the surgery didn’t take.

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